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If you are looking for a place that feels bigger than the walls of the structure itself; where God is embraced in all people, in all differing types of ways; where you know that you are not alone, even as things change, and where friendship and hospitality are valued.  If you are willing to take a risk, be challenged, and discover that God is not finished with us yet, then join us!  Your presence here would be wonderful!

Sunday Service & Sunday School @ 9:30 am - 44 Second St., Newport, VT

Celtic Service the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm

Our Clergy are The Rev. Christine Moseley, The Rev. Bob Wilson

Our Parish Administrative Coordinator is Tim Daley

Our number is: 802-334-7365

Please Contact Us, we would like to help in any way we can!
At St. Mark's...

We are a community of seekers practicing our faith where we live and work and play, and in the corporate worship and ministry of St. Mark’s.  We believe that community itself is part of our practice of faith.

Coffee Hour
If you want to experience what community tastes like, come to the Parish House immediately after the Communion is over.  Amidst the din of conversation and laughter you will find delicious food prepared weekly by a special rotating team of volunteers.  This is no ordinary church coffee hour with a few stale pastries, rather, teams of four bring lots of yummy food like deviled eggs, quiche, veggies and dip, whole grain baked goods, fruits and nuts, and sometimes even chocolate!

Altar Guild
Another ministry of teams is the Altar Guild who take turn preparing for Sunday worship and cleaning up afterward, including polishing silver changing candles and oil, caring for special linens, and preparing floral displays.  It is another highly nurturing activity if often invisible practice of faith in community.

Building Care
While the vestry is responsible for keeping the roof from leaking and the boiler from blowing up, several times a year there are opportunities to clean and polish and paint and plant and the community comes together to make it happen every time. 

Speaking of vestry (an old British term for our governing body), a third of them are elected every year to take responsibility for leading the stewardship of our mission and ministry.  They make decisions about policy and mission but they also get their hands dirty now and again too, by cleaning, cooking, and serving.
Weddings, Baptisms, and Funerals
Part of community is preparing for and supporting one another through passages and transitions.  If you are coming to one of these passages and transitions yourself, please contact: The Rev. Christine Moseley or The Rev. Bob Wilson at

Prayer Shawl Ministry
We offer a group who knits shawls to be given to those who are sick, grieving, and celebrating passages and events.

Nursing Home Ministry
A dedicated group who conducts worship monthly in area nursing homes.

Eucharistic Ministers
Individuals take Communion from the Sunday worship to those who are shut-in or in the hospital.

Intercessory Prayer Group
On-going concerns are given to those who feel that prayer for others is in their vocation and they actively offer prayers for the whole community and beyond.

St. Mark's believes that being good stewards means being involved with other organizations whose mission is also one of help.  In so being we support the Foster Care Program by bring items needed by children in foster care, to church on the second Sunday of each month.  

St. Mark's E-News - Tidings On-line
St. Mark's weekly email newsletter, "Tidings On-line"  is easy to receive.  Just Contact Us with your email address and Dolly will be happy to add your name to the list!  Being a member of St. Mark's is not required.